Saturday, January 10, 2009

A REAL date~

Well, you all know that I have had a long standing *Date Night* with my Computer; since Rune works on Friday and Saturday nights. Well with the New Year came news that Rune would no longer have to work on Friday nights. !!YAHOO!! So this week we planed to go to the Temple for our date, but the ward trip was canceled so we decided that we would go out and celebrate our 9 years of knowing each other and knew we would have fun doing that~
So always mindful of the budget we remembered we had a gift card to one of our favorite spots in town BJ's, it is a fun place that we really like.
We dropped off the kids at our home teachers place (thanks again Colton's!) and headed out.

The food was great..We both had salads and our main course and the whole dinner cost us $3.00 :)
Then we went to Springfield to the SONIC..we have really wanted to go there but ..with the kids and No time and no money for all of us it has not happened..

SO, Rune and I hopped over and partook of the BEST shake I have had in YEARS! For $2.19 we shared a regular sized HOT FUDGE SHAKE!! YUMMMMMMM! (yes it was that good)
We went to see about a $1.00 movie but nothing sounded good to either of us~ He dropped me off at the church where they were having a Relief Society girls night out game night and he headed over to the Colton's to hang out with his
As I was getting out of the car I asked if he was sad we weren't going to continue our date and he laughed and said "we had a good time, you are a cheap date..go play with your friends" lol that's one more reason I LOVE him. :)

Rune and his meatloaf sandwich.

Me and my Angus Beef Dip sandwich.

A better look at them both~

We ate it all up!

Rune happy knowing we were going to be paying
with a gift card~


One last look at the place and off we went!

Try taking a picture of yourself sucking a shake through a straw..
Not always a good But I think we did ok..
Total amount spent??
$3.00 + $2.19
= $5.19 for one great night!


Kathy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I didn't realize you came to us from a date. However, I CANNOT believe you took pics of the food you ate! You guys crack me up. And I love you lots. Congrats on 9 great years.

The Webb Clan said...

Good for you guys! I LOVE BJs! I always get their stuffed potatoes with grilled chicken, alfredo sauce, cheese and broccoli, mmmmm. What a cool date to let you go have a night out with the girls after treating you to yummy food and a milk shake.

The Webb Clan said...

P.S. You are a true blogger and win the gold medal I think for taking pictures of your food to blog about it. ;0) I like the artsy photo of the empty plate the best.

Sara said...

Sounds like lots of fun, and a good break for you both!! Never been to BJ's, will have to try it.
But, we were so excited to have the new Sonic just down the street from us, especially since Grandma was coming out for a visit and she loves Sonic. But Pierce got sick the day after our first time there, and now refuses to go back (he doesn't believe me that it was completely unrelated.) Ah well... I guess I shouldn't complain about my kids NOT wanting fast food.

PJ Productions said...

What a fun date night! I love gift cards. No I want to go try BJ's it sounds great. We are not eating out this month to save money but maybe next month. I'm glad that you came to the girls night, it's always better with you there.

carizolli said...

What a FUN date! One of the best Christmas gifts I ever got was a gift card to Red Robin and movie bucks to Cinemark! Dinner and a movie with my hubby...and we didn't have to pay a cent! PERFECT!

I'm glad you guys had a good time. And *hooray* for Rune not having to work Friday nights anymore!

It was fun hanging out after your date too!

Lisa said...

Your pictures made me hungry. You are a good photographer, and you take pictures of fun things. I'm glad you and Rune can spend Fridays together again!

Jen said...

Congrats on 9 years and a fun date night! It's so hard to get out with little ones!

Heather said...

What a fun date night! I'm glad you will be able to spend Friday nights together.

Stephanie said...

I am cracking up! I love how you both capture the true essence of the experiences with the food pics. Great fun, great company and spending hardly a cent... awesome! Congrats on nine years.

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