Friday, October 24, 2008 time to blog??

I am amazed at how many things I have NOT blogged about this last few weeks.
How can I say I have not had time when you all know I am just sitting around not doing much of
But the time just gets away from me!
So here it is ..A picture blog~

Katie and Lilly at Northern Lights tree farm. Kate's class had a field trip to get pumpkins at this farm. (We got a lot of picture's just not great one's of our

Corridor's kindie class 2008/2009

Me and Jeanette at TOFW :) best fun we have had so far at TOFW..even with the car break in!

Lilly fell asleep in Grandpas Arms..Again!

Best Friends!

Praying Mantis.. it was SO HUGE! It is on Sam's bike helmet.

Tad and Gretchen at her Birthday party at the Walkers~

here we are getting our "real" pumpkins.

Uncle Jim and our little angels!

Webb's fall family picture~ It looks GREAT! (good photographer!)

Larsen's Family Fall picture..(WHO took this Yikes! ;p)

Two of my best men. (I am sure glad they like each other so much!)

Rune and the kids~

Rune made this picture..

Jim made this one!

Katie and I at a photo

Sam's 1st train ride..Spruce Goose field trip.
(one of the reasons we love our school..The kids get to do great fun field trips)

In the hanger at the field trip.

I am not a fan of this picture..but rune likes it.

J bug's Birthday..Yay we got him a gift he liked!


Linemoren said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comment.. :) And DO tell... I want to know, how did Rune Trygve get his? Cut I mean... lol

Rachel said...

It was so great seeing you at TOFW. I'm glad you and Jeanette had fun.
I miss it!!

Kathy F. said...

Sooo many fun times! And what a HUGE praying mantis! (Creeps me out.) Love the pics.

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