Thursday, October 2, 2008

101 I things I think about.

Post 101
1. I wish I was not such a procrastinator..
2. Receiving the newspaper is a burden to me, I hate the mess.
3. I wonder if that guy who played Joe on Blue's Clue's ever got a girl? ( He said it was tough to Regis)
4. Why is reading so HARD.. poor Sam..
5. I LOVE Ice Water. CRUSHED from Orange Julius is the best.
6. If I could only watch one movie for the rest of my might be "The Way we Were" .
7. I hate seeing grown up women in exercise leotards and tights.
8. Making dinner every night is HARD. (That's why most women quit in their mid 50's)
9. I think goldfish crackers are great..BUT, the rainbow ones are coolest.
10. I have WAY to many clothes that I cant or wont wear anymore..But I know the second I get rid of them I will be sad.
11. When I teach a class at church I judge how well I have done if people are crying at the end. (CRAZY)
12. Pumpkin shakes at McDonald's are sent from heaven.
13. I LOVE Target .. It is the best store to go if you are feeling blue and want to shop it out.
14 . I cheated on a test in a class in 10th grade Social Studies I have felt bad about it ever since.
15. I hate having garage sales.
16. I would have a pedicure every week if we had money for it.
17. I like to pop other people Zits... (weird)
18. I am a hoarder (surprise) of shoe boxes.. They are SO HANDY!
20. Glasses that are small have no place..If I want a drink I want a BIG one!
21. If it gets above 71* I am HOT if it is under 66* I get COLD.
22. I don't like to talk about going to the Dentist..I hate it in fact.
23. I LOVE to make lame faces in the mirror in the morning.
24. In my own car I can sing better than anyone in the world!
25. I think it is smart to have at least 3 crock pot's, small, regular and a big oval one.
26. I only like SOFT candy corn.
27. My bed is the MOST comfortable bed..BUT I LOVE to sleep on the couch.
28. Garlic is a should be poped in most dishes.
29. Marriage is WAY more work that anyone ever tells you.
30. Is there some rule about sunflower seed's? do you spit it all out or chew it all up?
31. Lighting is my worst problem..the LED lights in our house STINK!
32. Reading my Scriptures is one thing I am BAD at..
33. When it snows I don't like to drive. (even though I can just fine)
34. I don't like to hear parents say *get out of here* I like.. *hop out for a moment*.
35. Plastic glasses seem to get cleaner than glass ones.
36. I LOVE the blue nasal aspirators they give you in the Hospital when you have babies.
37. Hugs are better when you make a squeeze noise.
38. I always feel itchy.
39. I am afraid one of my kids will bite down on an electric cord and get shocked.
40. I only own like 4 Cd's. (lame I know)
41. I brake for animals.
42. One of my BIG must haves in a husband was watches football. I am SO GLAD Rune doesn't.
43. Sometimes I post on a blog and then think it looks lame and delete it and come back later.
44. I am afraid to ask people to be my facebook friend. What if they do not remember
45. We have 5 cars. 5
46. I have never "forgotten" to eat.
47. My kids all have beautiful eyes.
48. I wonder if I am alergic to Nickel?? Some buttons on jeans bug me.
49. Why is it that 3:00 am is the time I wake up??
50. The more I buy to get organized the less organized I am. ??
51. I have a hard time not hearing EVERY conversation around me..I think it stems from being a telephone operator.
52. Ever notice how GOOD a DQ blizzard sounds & how it's NEVER as good as you want it to be?
53. Once in a while I envy thin gals at church.. (but I love them still)
54. Stuffed Zucchini is easier than you think to make.
55. I LOVE washable markers!
56. Please and thank you are the magic words!
57. Most people are nice.
58. I think 83 is a good age to die.
59. Why is it that Bill Cosby always uses Phylicia Rashad in his shows..(at least 3 of them)
60. I am not a fan of shrimp.
61. I wish I still talked to my favorite mission companion.. Sister Bomgren where are you?
62. Hamsters give me the willies.
63. I have a great phone voice! (call me you'll see!)
64. I love to talk about Ikea.. But, when you talk about it in Scandinavia it is not as cool..
65. Milk Duds are best on warn popcorn, they get melty.
66. The salt Potato chips leave on your fingers drives me CRAZY!
67. I have not had any kind of soda in 19 years. I miss Mug Rootbeer every summer.
68. I am afraid of those green lady bugs..WHAT are they?
69. Rune wanted to name Sam, RUBEN.. like the sandwich.
70. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bread in Norway! Why IS our bread SO SOFT?
71. We are late for Church every week because I like to over match things..It is MY FAULT. :(
72. Jim Halpert is my TV boyfriend.
73. My arm hurts more when I BLOG..
74. The fear of sleepover pranks still flows in my heart. (frozen unders anyone)
75. I ALWAYS cheat at solitaire when I am playing with a deck of cards.
76. If you have read this far you are procratinating something
77. I almost always have squinty eyes in pictures.
78. My older sister has a MUCH bigger vocabulary than I do.. :( oh well..
79. I have not purchased a pair of pants in years. (lucky me..I still can wear all my old ones;/)
80. Luvs brand diapers are my favorite! I have used them all....
81. I watch Day's of our Live's now and then, I was raised on it, I remember Maggie as a drunk.
82. We do not have a KMART in town..when I see their add's I miss it.
83. The phone's at our house never get hung up back on the charger.
84. Only 3 of the burners have worked on our range the whole time we have lived in this house.
85. I love dill pickles! The best is on the Tuna Sammie:)
86. My favorite song is "Melt With YOU" by Modern English..It was cutting edge now it is a Ritz Cracker ad.
87. I am afraid to play Bunco because of all the math..(LAME I know)
88. Why is my hair so thin?? I mean it used to be good.. Was it being Prego??
89. The after school special "The boy in the plastic bubble" with John Travolta was the BEST ever.
90. Grahm Cracker and frosting cookies are better than you remember!
91. We only had ever had 1 box of bandages our whole marraige till last month..Since Lilly got stiches we have purchesed 3 boxes.
92. I LOVE to eat at the Temple in They have great mashed potatoes! ;)
93. I totally see a need to have at least 12 bolts of beautiful ribbon at all times!
94. I do not understand my husbands LOVE for the "Dog Wisperer" We do NOT have a dog.
95. This is a little harder than I thought it would be... lol
96. I am bothered by all the nasty Celebrity political backing. (really)
97. Hot Dogs taste better in Norway.
98. I have a feeling that Jessica Simpson cheated on Nick Lachey and thats what went down..
99. I almost always talk to the cashers at the check out.. I like to ask them to guess what's for dinner.
100. I should be better about taking Lilly's *nin nee* (pacifier) but she loves them so much.. I remember felling the same way about mine. (I miss you nummie nummie)
101. I know my brother Mike will read everyone of these! :)


Lisa said...

I read every one! You are a very interesting person. I am glad you are my friend.

Stephanie said...

Ummmmm, I am not procrastinating anything... and I read all 101 entries. I love you girlie...

Lizzy said...

I real 'em all, too. You kill me you are so funny. And I LOVE the Way We Were and pumpkin shakes and milkduds with popcorn. And I always missed Kmart when we lived in Eugene. In fact, we drove to Corvallis a couple of time just to walk around. Lamo, I know.

CTR2002 said...

I read 'em... and I AM procrastinating! lol But that's not why I read them. :) IYQ

deedles said...

ok. so I am so cracking up right now. Did the "ladies in leotards" comment have anything to do with a certain dance at my house? and by the way... target is the best, i love my J cards ** if everyone's "yard sales" yielded only $4.50 i don't think anyone would ever have another one *** 68 is my magic thermostat number *** if you look closely at the back of David's sunflower seeds they actually have instructions for eating, i always wondered what kinda silly's needed instructions for sunflower seeds, now i know;) *** the reason you, my father and Jim talk to not only the cahiers, but to gas station attendants, waiters, school bus drivers, the lady at Mc Donald's who hands you your food or takes you order(and that'll do it) is because you are ED WEBB'S children! *** i believe squinty eyes give one a youthful look in pictures so yay for us * and yes i am sure my dad is going to read these all more than once and i love you...

***** by the way, what the the** are those green lady bugs, they kinda scare me too! *******

Rachel said...

Your friend, Rachel, read every one of them, too!

I love these. We are so much more alike than you realize.

For example: #13, 17, 24, 32, 53, 80...

I grew up on DOOL, too, but gave up on it when Marlena was possessed back in the early 90s. No thank you. I loved the early Bo and Hope days... My mom and sis still watch and if I see any of it, I make fun. It's dumb now. DUMB!

Great post, friend! Great fun to read.

Kathy F. said...

You are so FULL of interesting thoughts. I read them all. Yes, I was procrastinating breakfast. Yes, I will probably procrastinate something else today.

Tara said...

LeeAnne you are hysterical! I read every single one too and it certainly makes me wish I would have gotten to know you better in Eugene. You are one funny chick!

I totally think Jessica cheated too. What was she thinking? And I also have never forgotten to eat. Who are those people anyway??

PJ Productions said...

I read them all and I should be going to bed. I agree that your children all have beautiful eyes. Oh and you would love Bunko and the math thing is no big deal and I have issues with math.

The Webb Clan said...

I read everyone! You are so funny Leaanne, I love reading your posts. I often wondered that about Joe (and Steve) too since we watch a lot of Blues Clues around here. And I thought it would be fun being a football watching family, I just can't get into it and it takes up so much time. We have a Kmart here in town and every time we go Jeff says it reminds him of his Grandma and how we need to eat their chili there for lunch sometime. I wish I could have met her.

carizolli said...

I love you, LeaAnne! I LOVE you! What a great blog! That was fun to read!

I grew up on DOOL too! Funny that Rachel mentioned that part about Marlena being possessed - I remember thinking, what on earth...? That was around the time I stopped watching too.

I thought about doing a post like this, but I probably couldn't get to 20! I'm just not that interesting, I guess!

Elaine said...

Busted....totally usual :)

Interesting things...

Sara said...

Wow! I am so impressed! You are so good at letting your awesome personality just shine--in person and in blog. Right now my whole thoughts consist of how my kiddos are and how I am never going to understand crim law and civ pro....

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