Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eye Lashes and other girlie things.

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My entire life I have lived with a horrible curse..My Dear mother(a Katie) passed it down to me. She inherited it from her mother. (also a Katie) This curse is a CRAZY lack of eyelashes and the ones that are there are so short they don't do you any good. I have felt sorrow over this my whole life...(insert sad Brady bunch music here.)

I also was not gifted in the make up I really have NO idea how to put it on effectively! My dear Mother had the need for only 2 things in her make up eye brow pencil and a tube of Mauve or Coral lip stick (from Avon) so she was no help. I have tried at different stages in my life to buy and use it but , it just has never really stuck with me. A combination of fears that I am doing it wrong and I am sure I look OVERLY made up when I do try it..
Sooo.. to get to my point of this blog:

I was putting my little Kaite girl down to sleep last night and as I lay down by her to talk about what would happen today... I was overwhelmed! She was SO beautiful with those eyelashes that she inherited from Rune..

The ones that go on and on.. They left shadows on the rest of her face. I told her that it was going to be picture day and she looked right at me and said ...
"What will I wear?? I'll need make up!"
I looked at her this perfect little 5 yearold pixie, a mix of Rune and myself and knew once again, she and I are going to have trouble in a few
She already knows more about makeup and fashion than I ever will..

Oh least Sam will think I am cool for a few more years.

and Lilly

...well the thing about her is she looks a lot like my MOM...SO, I'll just hand her an Eye brow pensil and a tube of Lipstick ..and Maybe she'll be good to go:)


The Howard Bolton Family said...

Cute page. Norway during the summer? Siovhan's dad is from England, but she hasn't been any further than the UK. Her best friend from this area is actually Finnish. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kathy F. said...

LeaAnne--You are beautiful just the way you are. And I certainly hope you didn't mean hand Katie the lipstick and eyebrow pencil for school picture day!?! lol She's beautiful too! And "pixie" is just the right word to describe her.

PJ Productions said...

Oh eyelashes what a mess. I have always hated mine also. I love the pics of Katie. She really is so beautiful and sweet. Today Jessica said "mom I hope I see Katie and her Mama and Lilly soon they are my friends". You are loved!

Lisa said...

Big sigh....I too have short stubby eyelashes - and they are blonde to top it off! At least yours are dark. But, we have managed to marry wonderful men anyway. So, it shouldn't still bug us. (So why does it? LOL) Your girls are beautiful and so are you. Very creative pictures and blog topic.

Rachel said...

She is darling!!

(and makeup is overrated.)

Jen said...

I'm not gifted in the eyelash dept either! I wear a ton of mascara to correct that DNA mishap. You'll always be a cool mom! She'll love you in high school! Your kids are so beautiful!

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