Friday, September 12, 2008

The food we ate in Norway...

These are some of the meals we ate..... some are mine and some are Rune's :)

ok, some kind of pork. & two kinds of Potatoes:)

The last breakfast in Norway..take a look!



taco's (my night to cook)



Hawaiian Haystacks (my night to cook)

Biff Snadder (mine)






Jen said...

Ok, this post is making me seriously hungry! You are such an awesome cook! Come and teach me! So glad you guys are back and that you had a good trip!

Stephanie said...

Hmmmm, question. What do your in-laws think of you constantly taking pictures of your meals? Do they think this is an American custom, we take pictures to remember the meals by????
Just curious. I seem to remember going to an MB gathering and you took pics of the food there too. ;o) You are too funny girlie! What are Hawaiian Haystacks... heard of them but don't know what they are!?!

LeaAnne said...

lol Rune took them all! Their food at times is frightening to me *blushes*..So he like to take pictures of what it was that I actually ate! lol They all know how he is they are totally used to it..

The Webb Clan said...

Interesting! How did they like your Hawiian haystacks? (My fav of all the dishes, but I'm partial).

Lisa said...

You are brave to try all those new things. So, a few questions: Does ox taste like cow? What is Biff? Did they actually have all the ingredients you needed for your recipes? It is amazing that even the airport hotdog looks different!

LeaAnne said...

Lisa, I took everything I thought I would need with me..His Mom told me she wanted me to cook for them a few days before we left..SO, I took what I knew I could not get.. (refried beans, Olives and tortillas) I cooked 2 big meals and 2 small. It was HARD!
I do not know if that was really it looked and tasted like pork! The biff is beef, we went out in the big city and ate at the coop diner( it's like Fred Meyers a little bit) They have WAY better hot dogs over there!

Kathy F. said...

You are sooo brave, LeaAnne! Some of that food looked Some looked way different. And good for you, introducing them to good ol' American stuff. I guess that looked...different to them too! tee hee

Linemoren said...

oooohhh that is just unfair... it makes me so sulten!!!! og Biff med pommes frittes.... nam nam nam

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