Monday, September 15, 2008

Blooming Flowers in Norway summer 2008

There were SO many flowers in bloom!! It was a little like heaven for this little girl!
I would tell you all there names (in Latin)..BUT I have no intent in boring anyone! ;)
I am so glad this time we were there for a bit of summer and a touch of fall.
Just know I loved it! It was way more colorful than it had been 7 months earlier!
I know Rune is used to my calling out all the flowers names but, very kind about it this time!

Thanks for indulging me on this post:)


Kim said...

wow! those pictures are gorgeous. I almost forgot that you work with flowers for a living so of course you know them by name. I bet you were in heaven surrounded by all that beauty. Glad you had such a great time.

Rachel said...

PERFECT for you!!

Are you home yet?

Kathy F. said...

So pretty! You must have been in heaven with all those flowers. lol I just read Kim's comment that said the same thing. I'm glad Norway was more than ice and cold.

Gloria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved the pictures of the wedding. Norway seems to be a beautiful country, especially with all the flowers in bloom.

Lisa said...

I love the creative way you displayed these pictures. Does blogger let you do that this way?!

LeaAnne said...

Lisa, picasa is how I made the collage:)

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