Saturday, September 20, 2008

An active imaginary life..

I read this phrase on a *friends* blog..I say friend because I have never met her we are only imaginary friends..
Back to the I read this phrase *active imaginary life*and thought to myself at once.. THAT'S WHAT I HAVE!

I tend to over think everything until I have worried myself and my kids sick! I don't know why I do this, But I know I have always done it..

I remember walking home from 1st grade and the boy I played with everyday(Gene Bodean) had found a new friend to play with that day..on the short half a block trip home I imagined that we were married and that he was cheating on me and that he was going to leave me and the kids ,our 7 kids, would be left alone and be homeless..Well, by the time I got home I was crying and I ran in ot my Mom and told her how my husband was leaving me and the NOW, I did not come from a home where divorce was a topic so I don't know why I worried so

I have many times been the winner on a game show or ran up to Bob
I also have been the bride for every wedding I have ever done! lol

I still do it! When Rune and I were first married we had a lot of getting to know you issues because we met and got married so quick .. (plus we met online, and only talked on the phone for the first 2 months of our 3 month *courtship*) Anywho..on one particular occasion we had gone to the movies and after he needed to use the restroom and I sat and waited in the mall by the exit. WELL it took forever!! I started to get worried and all of a sudden I was thinking..What if he has left me, I will have to call my Dad and tell him to come get me, everyone will know ..*my online guy only came for the greencard*..ahhhhh ok by this point I was crying and a mess (and 8 weeks pregnant) Rune came walking out the door..and walked over to me very puzzeled.. I had to tell him how lame I am.

This also happens to me if I almost have an acident in the car..I think about needing to tell the persons family how sorry I am etc...It is crazy!!

Or if I see a sign that says *pie $6.95* I think about walking in and getting the pie and how excited the kids would be if I brought home a

Well on our last trip on the way home for some reason we were not seated together on the long flight home to the US from Copenhagen. Rune told me he would fix but I worried alot about it. While he waiting in line to get it fixed I sat on a chair close by..but really I was in a whole different world where I was seated by a stranger having a panic attack much like the charater John Lithgow plays in the old Twilight Zone Movie and all of a sudon I looked up and saw that the whole waiting room was there and talking and laughing and I was being a NUT! Rune walked over to tell me that he had gotten it all fixed..I pobably looked like a nut to him. (he is wise to my fears by this point!)

So, the next time you see me and I look like I am deep in thought..I just might be in a silly imaginary world..
I promise I do not have schizophrenia ;) I just have a great imagination!


Rachel said...

Oh Leaanne.
You are funny!!
Maybe you should write a book. :)
It could be the next best selling vampire series or something. ha ha!

PJ Productions said...

I do it too. I worry all the time about (silly)things that never even happen. You just really love your family and want them to be safe and stay together. That's not a bad thing.

Verlee said...

I have this same affliction and hate it! I am a worrier... it takes a lot of energy...

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love you Leaanne and your wild imagination. I'm glad I'm not the only one that comes up with outrageous imagined scenarios. It must be in our biochemistry as women or something like that. (Right now I'm imagining I know what I'm talking about.) And you will see us the next time we come up at Jaxon's first Birthday party!

Lisa said...

Well, at least you are prepared for every scenario that way :) I've been told that an active imagination is a sign of great there you are. It is how you express your smartness. (is that a word?)

Chelsea said...

I think it is super great that you have so an active imagination. So many of us dull folk forget how to do that. I'm glad you still got it! Also glad you did decide to go to Norway- looks like a great trip!

Kathy F. said...

I was the heroine of every Superman and cowboy western I saw as a kid. (Being saved by Michael Landon was a favorite dream.) And when I have a near-accident, I'm fine until I'm lying in bed and can't sleep and think, What if I hadn't swerved aside just then? What if that car had come a bit closer? Then I imagine the crash, the pain, the horror.... It is exhausting. I do love your imagination, though. It's such a part of you.

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