Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4 ~ What They Wear

When Rune first came to America I was amazed that he did
not bring any Jeans with him. I soon understood that he
liked to dress "Casual yet Smart".
Which to him meant no Jeans and really not T-Shirts either.
I am all about the comfort level. I have Mom uniform of Jeans and a T.
At best I could be dressy in slacks and a button down shirt.
I mean really I like a great Sunday dress, but when Church
was over so were it's clothes. WELL. In these last years I have
seen the importance of looking less sloppy and he finally got
a pair of Jeans, he is very willing to wear a t-shirt as well.
One thing has not changed..
He likes to wear his Sunday Best.
ALL DAY Sunday~ Tie and all. At first it made no sense, now...
I love that about him.

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Linemoren said...

I absolutely LOOOOVE this post!!! Well said girl!!! And a little good to hear some things never change ;) You have such a talent in your writing, I love to read your blog!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift!! :)

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