Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How he looks

When I hear people foolishly say things about my husband I always feel really bad for them.
You see, there never has been a man who gave so much and received so little.
He gave up everything.. For only a hope that his dreams would come true.
When I hear people say things about him I always think to myself.. "This poor fool has lost out on a Loyal Friend."
This is how he looks to some people,

A man who falls asleep in Church..
A man who is always looking for a baby to hold..
A man who make comments that sometimes seem off the wall..
A man who doesn't mind looking silly..
A man who hugs, sometimes to much..

Want to know why??
He is busy serving.. SERVING people who need help, THEY might not realize that they are in need, but he does~
I am more fortunate than anyone knows, because..
I am married to a giant of a man~

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