Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5.. Love to Hate

Day 5 of my Photography Course~
Love to Hate.
I absolutely Hate:
trying to get Lilly to take any kind of Medication~
I absolutely Love:
the thought that she can get better, if she takes them~

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s'mee said...

sweet. mercy.

this goes right along with Thor's theory on why our national medical mess is, well, a mess. not so much dr.s, hospitals, or even insurance plans, but drug companies. think about it...
how many marathons and weekend pledge drives do we have for medical research, where technically, we the public, donate our money to research drug therapies and yet when the drug is found who pays out the wazoo for it? oy.

good luck with little Lilly, i hope this does the trick and she's feeling better soon!

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