Thursday, November 6, 2008

This weeks menu~

I thought why not share the week's menu with my blog pals...Here it is~
So I like to plan what we will have but it is sometimes a chore!
I often have a hard time sticking to what days we are to have it ;)

This week we have had/will have the following:
M~Hawaiian Haystacks with all the extras. (leftovers from Sunday)
T~Burritos & rice & chips and salsa.
W~Chili & corn bread.
TH~Potato Soup & garlic bread & big salad.
F~Cheese Ravioli's, big salad & garlic bread.
Sat~ Not sure yet..
Sunday~Lemon Chicken & butternut squash and a big salad.

I might do a pizza or stir fry on we will see how I feel that day.

There you go I feel better after telling you. ;)


CTR2002 said...

recipes, recipes...


I need recipes!!! :)

Lizzy said...

I'm a weekly menu planner, too. It's one of my most dreaded chores. It's so hard to come up with new dinner ideas that are fast and easy (I suck at cooking). Plus, I get sick of eating the same things every week. But your menu gave me some new ideas, so thanks!

Rachel said...

Good for you, Miss Meal Planner. I really lack in this department. Thanks for the motivating post.

carizolli said...

I think you should post your menu every week! It gives me some good ideas. I'm horrible about making a weekly menu.

Lisa said...

I'm impressed at your planning. I often decide what we are eating around 6:00 pm that night :) Maybe you will inspire me to plan a little sooner!

Kathy F. said...

Seeing lots of salads... Sounds good! Do you buy pre-bagged salad, or do you chop up your own?

LeaAnne said...

lol Kathy, during the cold months I buy either 3 one lb.bags of salad @ $.99 each (a week) OR I buy romaine lettuce heart bags.. about $3.00(about 1 every 2 weeks) It depends where we are on the $.
I always add tomatoes, onions, celery,bell pepper & cucumbers..

We use Gregs Savory Ranch dressing from Sister Costco;)

I find that if I buy the big bag it gets brown before we use it all..
So getting the smaller ones will keep them fresh longer ;) lol

With potato soup I cheat if I am on a time crunch and use frozen hash browns and potato pearls lol it works REALLY well! I also use kielbasa in it and canned corn and onions and peppers & garlic.

PJ Productions said...

I need your Hawaiian Haystack recipe! I had them once and loved them but have no idea how to make them. Help!

Jen said...

I loved your last post by the way! Your menu looks so great. I open the fridge about 5:00 every night and wonder what I can throw together!! You make everyone like me look bad!!!

Tara said...

MMMMMM. when can I come to dinner?

Seriously thanks for the great ideas!

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