Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sometimes I am to much..

Do you ever see yourself in your Children?

Sometimes in my desire to be friends with people, I want to help them to much..
Every now and then I have to remind my self to back

The same way I have to tell Sam to back off and let people be his friend instead of overwhelming kids by being around to much.. He wants to be friends with people SO bad but is not always sure how to do this.
Could it be that he and I have the same social immaturity??
I guess so.
So if I have tried to over help YOU I am sorry.


CTR2002 said...

Ummm... sure hope you weren't talking about me! :)

Kathy F. said...

Hmmmm... Don't know what triggered this blog, but I LOVE the help you give me. You are one of the bestest friends I've ever had. :-D Big hug.

quincy said...

You are never too much! I love you and think you are great!

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