Monday, November 17, 2008

You asked for it, You got it.

Cake, Cake, Cake!
Banana Cream Cake
This is the easy peasy lemon squeezy way to make a cake that seems fancy..
but takes little work.


Best way to cut banana's

Whipped Cream

You will notice here that I am not a great foster on the sides... I blame my Mother! She never let me frost the sides as a child so I did not learn her great techniques as a I like the peak look on this cake so,,tops ok for me.

Banana Cake
1 white cake mix (mix as directed, but use warm water)
4 Bananas (about)
2 small containers of heavy whipping cream. (you'll add a little vanilla and a little sugar)
Bake in two 9 inch cake pans.

Layer like this: cake, cream, banana, cream, cake, cream, banana and cream again~
lol Easy, Easy, Easy!

Side note..use long 3 toothpicks to keep the cake together so you do not have slider cake.
(like I did this


Verlee said...

mmmmm. yummy, thanks for sharing.

carizolli said...

I love your step-by-step instructions with pictures! SUPER easy-peasy! I'm gonna try that!

Kathy F. said...

Love the banana slicing tip! Love the pictures (made me hungry)! Love the toothpick tip! Love "easy peasy lemon squeezy"!

S'mee said...


thank you!!!!

Brynn said...

YUM, I think even *I* could handle this one. Thanks LeaAnne, I'll have to give it a try.

tushiebutt said...

Whoa! That looks goooood! haha I bet it was fun to make with the children. I just had a little girl. She was premie. check her out on my blog.

Booth Family said...

I LOVE banana cake! I'll have to try this one. Happy belated Birthday! Did you get my e-mail about when to have our holiday get-together? You're the only one who hasn't given a date preference!

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