Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Our kids gave out these fun V-day gifts to their classmates.

This guy was asked at School if I dressed him ??
Nope this is all him! ;) The best Helper ever~

Her are the kids with their Valentines from Dad
(and Mom) the girls received beautiful necklaces
and Sam had a new Box Car W/ track cleaner!
(That is big stuff for a train guy)
Mom (me) had Dad pick up candy for them.

One more crazy shot ;)
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Here I am ready to go into have an MRI. Not as restful as I had prayed for.
Next time I will ask for better medication! lol


carizolli said...

I'm sorry your Valentine's MRI wasn't more relaxing for you :( But at least you weren't in a flower shop for 12 hours on Valentine's Day, right? Whew...

Love you!

Kathy said...

Yay for Valentine's Day! Not so yay for yucky MRIs... {hugs}

Ging said...

You clever lady. So sorry about the MRI- I think there is something I should know? I hope you are doing well. Just checking in- like I do from time to time. Love your family and think happy thoughts often.

mcb said...

LeaAnne....I'm back on fb for a quick note and then deleting my page again. Let everyone know i'm ok, just too addicted. However My google e-mail will not accept mail from fb's after I check out again.
I love you, pray for you and hope to keep in touch via e-mail

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