Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dinner and the 7 year old Critic ..

This evening I made super good Potstickers and Fried Rice and pears for dinner..an easy enough meal..I went a little big with the rice and put every yummy fried rice thing in it..

As we sat down at the table for dinner Sam gave me his usual dinner time compliment .."Thank You, Thank You for this yummy dinner Mommy" and I said "no prob buddy boy I am glad when you are happy." Then..lol the kid looked at me, and studied me for a moment as to see if I really ment that. Then he said very simply "I was not satisfied last night!" lol! (ok, don't go crazy insane on him LeaAnne..he is a small boy..)

Well, in my opinion we had a great meal on Monday: pork chops, apple sauce(Peter Brady), rolls, green beans, cottage cheese, tomatoes that I had cut to look like flowers..I mean it was a NICE week night meal!!!
Well the boy said the "the Pork chops just did not do it for me."
(even thought he had said the usual "thank, you thank you." hmm!)
I am thinking about having him go over my weekly meal plan and see what will work for him! ;)

Now I am just worried that Wednesday's Chicken Curry will fall flat too!


S'mee said...

I have to laugh, this is so what my kids used to do, cracks me up. Well, that and the Peter Brady reference.

carizolli said...

Hard to please them all...all the time, eh?

I LOVE it! He's a funny kid!

P.S. I can't believe he is SEVEN! When does he turn 8?

Rachel said...

Pork Chops and Applesauce!!! I can NEVER say that without the little accent Peter Brady had. I love that you made that reference. :)

Your boy is special. That is so sweet and so grown up.

Jen said...

You make fantastic meals!! And you plan ahead too...wow...let's see...tonight Tim and I had a salad, a pre-made kit salad, mind you, and Dustin had Dino nuggets and broccoli. I could only aspire to be you!

Lisa said...

MMMMM Your meal would have satisfied me! Sounds yummy. Isn't it funny how kids can just sound like little adults sometimes? LOL At least he feels comfortable being honest with you. You must be a great mom!

Anonymous said...

I love you Annie and your kids. Sam the boy just needs to have someone to compare you with. We should have your family over for dinner and then he'll really see what a great cook you really are. Can you say Mac and Franks?

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