Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lilly's sweet Salsa

I wanted to get a little movie of this before it is gone..I LOVE the way she says Apple Sauce! :0) You Mom's all know what I mean..I will always wish she still said it like this!


The Only Rune You Know said...

Was that your voice on that recording, or was it me, getting Lilly to use her words so cute.

I love the way she talks. I just wish she would talk sweetly, instead of her carateristic Terrible Two, when she don't get to have it her way.

S'mee said...

very Italiano! Apple Saus-ah!


Kathy said...

Too cute! That's great that you've captured it on video.

Stacy Householder said...

hehehe, I love to hear children talking. :) When I was a music teacher my favorite thing was hearing the 3, 4 and 5 year olds singing!! It brought daily JOY into my life. :) Lilly is a sweetie. :)

Lisa said...

I need to collect more of those sweet moments. Those are the kind of things we will love to look back on , I'm sure. She is such a cutie!

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