Monday, April 7, 2008

The Tour of Bathroom's

There are few places you can go as a Mother to get away from the house, kids, dishes, laundry.. all of it!
The best place I know to go is... The Bathroom!!!

So since this is the where I go to be alone, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how it looks..

I think this is the best, most cleanest, well decorated room in our home, I decorate it for the season's and LOVE to find it new pretty soap! It is my one true place of
Oh, if only they had a Tour of Bathroom's, like the Tour of Homes or Tour of Gardens..
So I thought..Hmm *should I show it?*
SO, here you go..Here is Our Bathroom!

Feel free to have a tour of whatever you love most about your house! ;)


Rachel said...

If I were to give you an online tour of what I love most about my house... it would have to be my bed. I love to sleep lately. :) But that doesn't sound like an exciting tour:

Here are my sheets. Here are my pillows. Here is my quilt. The end.


Love all your flowers, you flower arranger!

S'mee said...

Back in the day when people asked me for this kind of advice, I used to tell them "Start with the bathroom. It's small, it won't cost too much and it will be done in a day or two."

I can't tell you how happy I am that you want to change it with the seasons. (My vice is the dining table.) Not that everyone should run out and just remodel the house every 4 months, but changing it up a bit with flowers -or whatever- can be done. Good for you!

I bet you smile every time you walk by it!

carizolli said...

And what a lovely bathroom you have, LeaAnne! Just lovely :) Thanks for sharing with us. Next time I'm in the neighborhood I might just stop by and try it out *lol*

Tara said...


Lisa said...

I love your bathroom! You should give me some ideas for mine - it is blah. Of course, I find that my kids join me in the bathroom no matter how hard I try to sneak some alone time. Lucky you that your kids don't follow you there!

Kathy said...

Beautiful! And how creative of you to share it with us all. :-)

Marnee said...

Your bathroom is incredible!!! flowers even.

mine is so blech..and dirty!

I think I need to go, clean a bathroom.

walkerMom&Dad said...

Fantastic bathroom, but where is the phone? One never knows when he may need to phone a friend.


Jen said...

So cute! I'm coming to your house to take a bath!

Melissa said...

Love what you've done. So cheerful!

Sing along with LeaAnne~

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