Thursday, April 3, 2008

Strawberries and a little something more:)

We have had a few crazy things happen in the last days! I really think I could write the rest of my life as to the adventures that our kids (and us) get into..But for you today I will share Lilly's Strawberry Dream come true! I purchased a package of the Yummiest looking Strawberries this week! Brought them home plated them and was going to tell Rune and the kids to have some I fould THIS, she is an eater!
We knew our girl liked strawberries, BUT now we know, she LOVES them!! If you can see, she took a bite off the bottom of each and every berry, my cute 2 year old baby!

Our second odd thing.. Spiders!!!! You know it is Spring in Oregon because it rains everyday all day and the baby spiders are everywhere!! Rune went to take Sam to school on Wednesday morning and when he got home he was whiter than, well he was one WHITE Norwegian boy!! Anywho..he ran in the house and told me he thought he was in the movie Aracnaphobia..and thought spiders were stakling These were all inside my MomVAN!!

So he ran out and took these pictures, I sure am glad HE found them and not me!! The thing I can't understand is how he drove Sam to school and did not die! Really just looking at the pictures is killing me! ;)


Rachel said...

YUM! Strawberries.

YUCK! Spiders.

S'mee said...

wo wo wo

Just viewing those photos is making me feel really icky, seriously. You poor thing! Ack!

So how does one remove said spiders from the mom van?

and again...ACK!

Kathy said...

You have the most amazing daily adventures! Your kids are so cute, and you always seem to find somethings that is, well, not so cute! lol So, what I want to know is: what did you do with the rest of the strawberries? Did you go buy some more? (Can I come eat some? hehe)

Tara said...

Oh my gosh I would have freaked out with those spiders! Seriously my husband says that if I ever see a spider in the car when I am driving I will probably get in an accident. And he is 100% correct. YUCK!

P&J Productions said...

Oh my gosh the spiders are making me itch. Yikes. They had better stay away from me or I will high tail it back it Utah. j/k Lily is adorable as usual.

mommaduck said...

Lilly ~ such a sweetie! It must be from all those yummy strawberries.
Okay, Lance would have had to go and had our truck "bombed" and then detailed before I would have entered it. All those spiders... we have had a few roaming around our house this week. Gotta love Oregon rain. :o)

Stacy Householder said...

**shutter** I haaaaate spiders!!! ew ew ew ew!!

However, Lilly is such a cutie and I just laughed at this little story of hers. That is soooo funny! :)

Shannon & Scott said...

My girls would have done the same thing and then try to hide the evidence!

carizolli said...

OHMYGOSH! Those little baby spiders are the WORST! Those pictures make my skin crawl! Yuck-O! I need some strawberries with my cheese (from Rachel's blog). That should make a delicious midnight snack!

Lisa said...

I was thinking how beautiful and yummy those strawberries looked, and then I lost my appetite when I got to the spiders. I am impressed either of you got close enough to get pictures! What a dedicated blogger.

Marnee said...


Sell the car.

I could never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever...get into it again

Linemoren said...

Had it been me.... that would have been the day my child stayed home from school..... How did you get rid of them by the way???

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