Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our visit with Mike and Kathi

Uncle Mike and Lilly Bean.
One of the outside birdies.
Standing over the creek
In the barn.

I know Rune has already blogged about this , BUT I want to say a little something
My brother Mike and his sweet wife Kathi are great!

Years ago when our Mom passed away Mike told me that they would LOVE my kids.. You see, I was afraid that the kids I would have one day would not have anyone love them in that unconditional way that grandparents do. Even though they are not their grandkids.. Mike and Kath love our family and think they are cute. It warms my heart that they love our babies.

We went to there home and had a supper fun day. As always they were a great host & hostess! Mike and I are a few years apart in age and did not get to grow up together. I am so greatful for this time that we have had now to be grown up friends with each other. I am also so glad that Kathi and I have a great relationship with each other and have a shared understanding of loss..I know that she feels the way about her mom that I do about mine. ( Also I am glad that she was with us when we had Lilly, she was a brave c-section pal. lol)
My Girlhood dreams of being the cool couple in the ward and having the most fun parties and being the house where people wanted to come and hang out at all the time came from watching them.
(I still want to be those people.)
Anywho, I love them thats that! :)


Anonymous said...

I love them too! I'm excited because we get to see them this weekend. I'm so happy that Jeff's family is so close. That's a great picture of them, where was it taken? (The background looks like McKenzie Willamette hospital- was it when Lilly was born?)

LeaAnne said...

LOL It was at McKenzie Willamette! :) You know you room's well! I love that picture of them too. You are so lucky to get to see them this weekend! Your Kid(s) will always have the greatest Papa and Cini!

Aimeeable said...

What an endearing tribute! You just are the kindest person LeaAnne. Just so you know, I thought of you as the super-cool-hang-out-with-party person in the ward while we were there.

Lisa said...

I didn't know you had anyone besides Rune with you when you had Lilly. That is really neat. I too think you are a super neat cuople. I like to hang out at your house!

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