Saturday, April 19, 2008

Farewell to our Dear Boy, Enjoy BYUI !

Our dear nephew and cousin, Aaron left for BYUI this week. We will surely miss him. He has been a joy to have in our home! These last 10 month's since he has been home from his mission we have joyed in his visits. Sometimes we would come home to find that Aaron was in the house waiting for us. Others he would just pop in to have a visit or eat with us. The fact he has felt so welcomed that he just stops by whenever he has the feeling, makes my heart happy.
In the north of Norway that is very much how it is, people do not call to see if they can come to say "Hi" nor do they wait to have an invitation, they just come over! Rune has loved this boy so much this, Aaron will never know. That simple act of sharing his time with us means the world.
For two years we prayed each night in his behalf for safety and inspiration while he was on his mission. Now we will pray for safety and inspiration in school and with the women :p lol and for the next chapter in your story!


Lisa said...

Isn't family the best? I'm sure he has had an impact on your kids as well as you and Rune.

Tara said...

How awesome! I went to BYUI too. Actually it was Ricks when I was there - it will always be Ricks to me! So fun though!

Jen said...

Holy cow you guys have been busy! I've heard it's such a great school. Everyone I've talked to says they love it.

Rachel said...

Goodbye Aaron and Good Luck!!

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